NOTE: For technical improvement, the specifications, designs and information are subject to change without prior notice.



 Useful capacity: 1 Litre

 Translucent tank

 Viton closing seal

 Adjustable cone nozzle

 Tool free maintenance

Crown Sprayers


Malaysia made plastic knapsack sprayer is an ideal way of spraying large volumes of solution is available :
16 Litres - Model : C16L
20 Litres - Model : C20L

Carried conveniently on the back and requiring one pump

stroke every two steps the plastic knapsack sprayer is

designed for the larger garden, commercial growers and

professional gardeners.



 Useful capacity: 5 Litre

 Translucent tank for water level viewing

 Extra handle for easy transport and filling

 Ergonomic design handle with filter and Viton seal equipped

 Equipped with safety valve and pressure level indicator

 Tool free maintenance



 Useful capacity: 5 Litre

 Conspicuous design by separating plunger and

 water filling mouth (avoid plunger contamination)

 Translucent tank for water level viewing

 Large water filling mouth

 Equipped with safety valve (easy decompression valve)

 Ergonomic handle with filter and Viton seal equipped

 Tool free maintenance



 Useful capacity: 16 Litre

 Strong and light weight polypropylene tank

 Translucent water level indicator

 Equipped with pressure regulator

 Inbuilt and ergonomic carrying handle

 Robust stainless steel handle

 Ambidextrous. Reversible to be used with either hand

 95cm fibre glass lance with yellow cone nozzle (0.8l/m)

 Tool free maintenance

EXTRAS Accessories



 2 Washers

 Pressure Regulator

 Set of Nozzles

* 2 x Insecticide C Fungicide Hollow Cone Nozzle

* (yellow/orange)

* 1 x Herbicide Even Fan Nozzle (yellow)

* 1 x Herbicide Deflective Nozzle (yellow)


To obtain a good spraying coverage, it is essential to have a pressure regulator equipped with sprayers.


End users could enjoy the following benefits, by using the pressure regulator (standard feature in all MATABI knapsack sprayer),


 Effort Saving. Making the spraying process easier (Reduction of pumping frequency);


 Product and Water Savings. Thanks to the pressure regulator, the spraying remains constant and it is environmental friendly, using just the product needed according to spraying parameters;


 A more controlled, effective and accurate treatment;

Matabi sprayers